Areas of Interest

Our next investment may be in one of these broad areas

- Repositioning Residential Real Estate                                               - Enhancing the Operation of a Value-Added Service Provider

- Re-Capitalizing a Debt-Burdened Business                                       - Repositioning Commercial Real Estate

- Combining Operations to Create Synergies                                       - Playing a Vital Part in the Franchise Model

- Fixing a Dysfunctional Partnership                                                     - Facilitating a Re-Structure of Balance Sheet/Biz

- Other - unique situations with a defined niche and in need of a solution to realize the full potential of the opportunity

Real Estate

Likely Qualities

  • Underperforming - could even be a 'Lil Bit Ugly
  • Time to Market - less development, design and zoning
  • Location - we may be able to fix the rest
  • Aligned Interest - common for all of our investments

Operating Companies

Likely Qualities

  • Positive Cash Flow - or soon after "The Deal"
  • Short Term Horizon - 18 months - 4 years is a sweet spot
  • A Solution is Needed - we fix an array of challenges
  • Aligned Interests - we love to win...when everyone wins


Operating Companies - Real Estate

StoneBrook Capital, LLC ("StoneBrook") is actively seeking investment opportunities in small privately held companies and an array of real estate projects.

The principals of StoneBrook have a unique ability to quickly define The Essence of business opportunities. We work diligently to clarify the possibilities, the risks and the needs of each situation. The top of our "funnel" is fairly wide (we can do a number of different types of deals), but the bottom is narrow (we will only do a select few).

Value Added CAPITAL

- small market -

StoneBrook Capital, LLC