Maximize Risk/Return Profile

StoneBrook diligently pursues investments to minimize exposure and to maximize returns. Often this means more equity vs. debt, smaller/incremental investments, ongoing return of capital, short/mid term horizons and always...aligned interests.

For select opportunities, StoneBrook invests capital, time and expertise in all of our ventures. We bring like-minded investors and dedicated professionals as the situation dictates. Our core philosophy of aligned interests allows us to everyone wins.

Construction of Multi-Family Residential Properties

Recycling Equipment Manufacturing

Repositioning of Commercial Office Buildings

Manufacturing of Aviation Parts

Industrial Process & Piping Service Company

Development & Construction of Leisure Properties

Manufacturing & Distribution of Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Repositioning of Coastal Residential Real Estate

Management of Commercial & Residential Rental Property


Experience & Results

Through an estimated $250 million in combined transaction values, the principals of StoneBrook Capital, LLC ("StoneBrook") have built an impressive track record for capital preservation and return across a wide range of industries and through various business cycles.

StoneBrook pledges to diligently:

  • Define the Essence - quickly and with clarity
  • Capitalize on the Opportunity - aligned interests simplify
  • Join Opportunity-Capital-Talent - regardless of the order
  • Facilitate the Exit - realize returns



A Proven Understanding

For more than 20 years, the principals of StoneBrook have had a lead role in arranging successful growth transactions and/or being the lead operator in at least the industries noted below.

Value Added CAPITAL

- small market -

StoneBrook Capital, LLC