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Flexible Solutions. We have crafted solutions using any or all of the three critical elements as the starting point. Whether you have one of the pieces of the puzzle or all, we may be able to help you join the components in a way that allows you to realize the full potential.

We are passionate about aligning our interests and supporting the growth of small businesses and converting on the vision of various real estate projects.

Value Added CAPITAL

- small market -

StoneBrook Capital, LLC

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Clinton E. Kasten, Manager

Clint Kasten is the final decision maker for StoneBrook Capital, LLC. For more than 20 years, he has:

  • led the way in over $250 million of transactions
  • been an active member of multiple boards of directors
  • founded and operated a number of real estate companies


Real Estate Solutions

We have done most all things in real estate, as principals. Let this experience bring value to your project. 

Business Solutions

We have extensive experience in facilitating the purchase and growth of small to mid size companies.  

Value Added Capital

- Small Market -

We’re committed to adding value by joining Opportunity-Capital-Talent to capitalize on the best opportunities in the small market.

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